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Tri-Town Little League

Tri-Town Softball? School Softball? PLAY BOTH!

School Softball (6-7th Grade) & Tri-Town Little League 

Over the years we've had numerous players successfully play both school and Little League (LL) softball.  It can be a lot of work for families shuttling players around, but if you can make it work, it is highly recommended.  Our Maine spring softball season is so short, the more we can get the players out on the field the better.  

The school team usually plays (practice or game) five days a week from.  Little League is usually 1-2 practices and 1-2 games for a total of 3-4 events per week, including Saturdays.    Both school and LL teams start as soon as the field thaws around mid-April and plays into early June. 

When creating the LL schedules, we will take into account both FMS's & DCS's softball schedules as well as any other school activities like band concerts and dances (socials).  Please keep in mind that sometimes practices & games are rescheduled for weather or field availability, so there might be a few times when there is some small overlap.   For example, if there is an away school game and also a LL game on the same weekday, players might not be able to make it in time for LL warm-ups (5:15pm) but can arrive for the start (5:45pm) of the game.   Tri-Town coaches are aware of players that choose to play on both teams and will work with the players and their families as much as possible.   

The school teams have averaged 13-15 players per team over the years, sometimes more.    This limits the number of at bats and field time each player receives during games.   The goal for Tri-town is 12 per roster which allows more at bats and more field time per player.

Both teams utilize continuous batting orders which means that players batting through the roster regardless of if they were on the field defensively that inning.  The more players that are on the roster, the fewer opportunities for players to have at bats and fewer reps defensively.  

Play Quality
School teams usually have a higher quality of play, including pitching.   While this can be good for development it can also limit the playing time per player.   LL is a mix of player skill which can allow for more at bats and the ability for players to try different positions.   This can also sometimes be frustrating for more experienced players, but the coaches will work with the individuals to make sure they are challenged and working on individual skills.

Please remember that LL offers the All-Star tournament (World Series) which starts mid-June and provides a high level of play for 10U and 12U players.  For Little League players to be eligible for selection, they need to play one inning in at least 7 (at least 60%) of the (estimated) 12 LL games.   You can read more about the tournament here.


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